Charmed Logistics

Commercial Courier Services

Virtual Management  (Logistics Support)

Virtual Management Services

We are a Logistics service company specializing in back office support. Offering Business Admin Assistance & Compliance Support

Our virtual services:

Commercial Courier Delivery Services in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas. 

Trucking  Consulting Services

Assistance thru coaching for new / established Trucking Companies on real ways to communicate and establish connections.

 *** Not only will you escape the hidden cost of an employee, but gain the amazing expertise and  help of a contractor , so you can achieve routine tasks freedom and focus on your business. I have helped many customers not only achieve a freer routine but increase revenue, and you can too!

Dependable Courier Services

We can provide the services that are in demand, like same- day deliveries that are just not available from UPS, Fedex or Amazon. 

Why Charmed Logistics?

Running a business is tough, specially when you have to do all the jobs. We've got the systems and tools you need to make your daily tasks a breeze, which means you can relax a little bit more.

Never forget - every goal, large or small can be achieved by taking tiny steps every day toward that goal. Breaking your goal into smaller steps can build momentum and reduce pressure. We want to be there for you when you need it, just a quick call or email away. 

Are you suffering with Task paralysis?

We want to help you, so when you go on vacation you don't just change locations. Really take time off with my help. 

When it comes to logistics you can end up working more in your business than on your business. We want to be there for you, receive logistics assistance from someone that knows the Industry and can help your business well enough to pick up the speed without you feeling overwhelmed by teaching and delegating tasks to assistants not trained in the Industry. 

People say in business the key is to have business time and personal time, but this can commingle from time to all the time. If you need time off, if your right hand man/woman gets sick, if you just got a new major client that needs extra help but you don't have the time to hire or train new staff. Contact us, we want to help you be a functional business while anything else in life comes up. 

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